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Somewhere around the end of the seventh century AD the Uí Maine was divided between two brothers, the sons of Cormac.  The descendants of Eoghan Finn settled in the northern regions and became the Kelly clan and the descendants of Eoghan Buac settled in the southern regions and became the Madden clan.

Uí Maine,  often referred to as  Hy Many, covered approximately 1000 square miles in Connacht.  The territory was located in what is now the north, east and south of Galway and the south and central parts of County Clare.  

Although our Patriarchal name is Madden, DNA proves we  share common Patriarchal ancestors with the Kelly clan much later in time than that initial split.  We are linked at least through Donnchadh Ua Ceallaigh the seventh grandson of William Bui O Ceallaigh.  Donnchadh (1374 Gailey Castle, Roscommon - 1424 buried in Abbey of Rindun) was slain with an arrow by a son of William.  He was the chief of Hy Many in 1410.  

Somewhere between then and the birth of James Madden in 1818 a Kelly child took the name of Madden. The reason is unknown.  An illegitimate child?  An adoption?  A male Kelly taking the name of a Madden wife in order to inherit?  

Further DNA testers might help pin the connection to a smaller time period....we keep hoping!


  1. Catherine Ann Madden m. Gregory Trindle
  2. James Howard Madden (1924-1998) m. Jean Ann English pt1 pt2 wedding  pt3 pt4 pt5 [Dropbox] [stories] [pedigree]
  3. Francis Martin Madden (1896-1966) m. Louise Isabel Haffey  pt1 pt2 pt3  [Dropbox]
  4. Thomas Francis Madden (1854-1903) m. Elizabeth Silbereisen   [Dropbox] see Great Lakes below
  5. James Madden (1818-1894) m. Anna Fitzsimmons   [Dropbox]
  6. James Madden (abt 1790 -)  m. Mary   [Dropbox]
  7. Missing Generations 31-41
  8. Madden / Kelly Ancestry   [Dropbox

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