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In Irish, O Duinne or O Doinn,, a descendant of Duinn (donn means "brown" or "brown haired"),  is one of the most numerous names in the midland counties especially Co. Laois. Formerly called O'Doyne (lords of Iregan) the name is usually spelt with the final e (Dunne).  Records for our family in Ireland use both spellings. More on the history of the Dunne Clann can be found on the Dunn Sept Association website.

Dunne Households in Tipperary in Griffith's Valuations

John Grenham's / Irish Times website will produce a map of households in a county in Griffith's for any surname.  The map above shows Dunne households.  There were 237 Dunne households in Tipperary and another 56 Dunns.  Our Dunne's had left Ireland before 1850 for Ontario, but perhaps there was family left behind.


  1. Bridget (1836 -1931) m. Michael Murphy [Dropbox Folder]
  2. John Dunne m. Bridget Lonergan [Dropbox Folder]  Pt 2 
  3. We do not know the name of John's father, but should consider Cornelius and Patrick if Irish naming patterns apply. [Dropbox Folder
    • Cornelius (bef 1810 -   ) There is no record proving that Cornelius is a brother, but it seems likely as they were both living in Mocklershill in 1830 and John named a son Cornelius.  It is possible that Cornelius is John's father, but his land holdings are smaller than John's making one think younger brother.
  4. Dunn Background [Dropbox Folder]


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