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Before the Normans arrived, the O'Lonergan sept inhabited the area north-east of Thomond, the part of Tipperary situated on the east side of Lough Derg.  The Anglo Norman Butler family forced the sept southward to the area around Cashel and Cahir.  The sept is still found in that area in considerable numbers today.

The name in Irish O Longairgain "without a ships c
rew" is usually found in the form Lonergan, without the O.  Other forms include Londrigan.

The sept for the most part avoided the political scene although they did supply some well known ecclesiastical individuals.

Lough Derg - Top Left Corner
Golden between Cashel and Cahir bottom right

Our only known ancestor is Sarah Lonergan, or perhaps she is Bridget Londrigan, it depends on the record found in Canada.  In fact no records for Sarah herself have been found, all information is from her children's records as is the basis for the story Sarah Lonergan's Legacy.

In fact family tradition also states that Sarah became quite sick on the voyage from Ireland and died shortly thereafter.  As the family arrived around 1842, her death is probably around that same time.

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