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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Family Gatherings 1997

In June of 1997 the family surprised Mom and Dad for their 5oth anniversary!!

More Pictures 

Actually, I don't have more pictures.  If you do perhaps you could add them to the folder!!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

the Derbhfhine

For almost 1,000 years, the main unit of Gaelic society was not the nuclear family as we conceive it, but a very particular version of the extended family, the derbhfhine (true kin), all the descendants of a common great-grandfather. 
Among other things, property ownership rested with the derbhfhine, not the individual. So what you could own – cattle in particular –  depended on who your kin were. No wonder genealogy loomed so large and surnames that signaled kinship were so important.

 "The ancient Irish were among the earliest civilizations to value genealogy. "Those of the lowest rank among a great tribe traced and retained the whole line of their descent with the same care which in other nations was peculiar to the rich and great ", noted John O'Donovan in Miscellany of the Celtic Society, "for, it was from his own genealogy each man of the tribe, poor as well as rich, held the charter of his civil state, his right of property in the cantred in which he was born, the soil of which was occupied by one family or clan, and in which no one lawfully possessed any portion of the soil if he was not of the same race as the chief." (Genealogy and Brehon Law)
In his post How Gaelic surnames were Englished Irish Genealogist John Grenham notes........."The name you bore was transparent to those around you, not just, as today, a convenient marker, but instead laden with resonance: stories, possessions, reputations, feuds, homeplaces . . . Gaelic surnames were deeply ingrained in everyday social interactions, as vital and ordinary as language or weather or food." 

So....if we date ourselves back to a common great-grandfather we would find Thomas Madden and our derbhfhine could contain our our Madden, Marqueling and Thornton cousins as well as our Madden second cousins.

 Genealogy and Brehon Law
The Structure of Early Gaelic Society - The Druid Network (this offers a great explanation of the Irish family system)
Derbfine- Wikipedia 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

DNA Update

With our second Madden Y-DNA - (Second Cousin) we now have our own descending line on the Kelly Tree.  With Townsend/Kelly/Lloyd on one side and 3 Kelly's on the other we come from BY3040.  As more individuals test this might be broken down even more and perhaps eventually we will find just a small window where our Kelly ancestors became Maddens.

Get a better copy of this chart....HERE
I am still looking for Maddens whose ancestors were in the Great Lakes area to test.  The coincidences in family history make some connection to our family seem possible.  At worst it would be good to rule that possibility out.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Family Gatherings - 2011

Oregon provides a good middle ground for the family.  The oldest generation is spread from Seattle to Seaside.  We have met twice in Sun River, the first time in 2011.  This page includes pictures supplied by many family members. Liam was missing and  only there for a few days, Eric seems to have eluded the camera! Tim, Denise and Mariah stayed home with Mom, who was in the end, not well enough to travel.




More Pictures

Monday, May 13, 2019


It is worth a trip to Dublin just to visit EPIC The Irish Immigrant Museum. The technology is spectacular and would thrill everyone from the smallest inquisitive child to old technophobics.

Every part of every room is used: floor, ceiling and walls,  to tell the story of our immigrant ancestors.  

There seemed as many local families there as tourists, but it flows well and never seemed crowded.  There were seats throughout and movies to watch, so you could see it all without getting too tired.

I could go again and again!!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Family Gatherings 1998

Sean & Nikki Wedding - San Diego

We waited a long time for Sean to find the perfect spouse.....but it was well worth the wait.

So, it was Thanksgiving and a wedding in San Diego in 1998.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Family Gatherings 2012

Tim's Backyard (Roy)

This wasn't a planned "family" gathering, but rather a gathering of all those that ended up in the Northwest at the same time.  There were lawn games and water fun for all!!!