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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

James H. Madden - China Lake

Burke Rd. 1958
In 1952, my Dad scooped up his growing family and transported them to the barren lands of China Lake Naval Ordinance Test Station.  Located in the middle of the Mohave Desert the nearest town of Ridgecrest had a population around 2500 in 1952.  It was incorporated as a city in 1963.

Out in the middle of nowhere the family enjoyed the privileges of the officers club...often traversing the short distance from home in a vintage Ford Model A.

Today the house we lived in on Burke Road no longer exists....we think!  Google maps show a vacant street.  No buildings exist.  Is that true?

I arrived in China Lake about the same time as the rest of the family, so this volume of Dad's Story takes on additional voices.... Maura's, mine, and even an apostrophe from Sean who was just a year when we moved on to the next adventure.

Unfortunately, this is as far as we got with Dad's Story, the next chapters will not have his voice, but perhaps his spirit !!

Dad's Story - China Lake.

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