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The Name Fitzsimmons is by no means peculiar to Ireland, it is more common in England.  Unlike many Irish clans there are no basic arms attributable to all Irish Fitzsimmons families.

The name is first found in Ireland shortly after the anglo-Norman invasion. Among the Norman families brought to County Down in 1177 by John de Courcy were some Fitzsimon.  Others of the name followed the Pendergast to County Mayo in the early thirteenth century.  In 1585 a Fitzsimon possessed Castlereagh and other castles in the area.

The name is often found variously as Simon, Simons and Fitzsimon, etc for the same family, indeed for the same person.  Searching for records using all possible variations is a must.

Our Fitzsimmons connection is to the families found on and near Foyne's Island in County Limerick by the early 1800s.  Having recently uploaded our Madden DNA to gedmatch, matches to others with Fitzsimmons heritage in that area have been found, indicating connections within the last 4-5 generations.  Since we know all of our ancestors within that time frame, the connection to Fitzsimmons seems assured. However, the actual family for Anna is still a research project in progress.

Foynes Island Overlook Sep 2017
  1. Anna Fitzsimmons @1828 - 1877 
  2. Unknown (Possibly Henry or Robert)


Albany, New York
Foynes/Shannagolden/Askeaton, Limerick, Ireland (pictures)


Fitzsimmons Dropbox Folder

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  1. My GGG grandmother was Rose Fitzsimmons Barton (born 1827) and she had a sister named Ellen Fitzsimmons Dunney (born 1841) and another named Anna Fitzsimmons (born 1828) who lived in Albany NY. Their parents were Michael (born 1796) and Catharine. Do not know much about Ann, but the Fitzsimmons family is buried in both Calvary Cemetery in Glenmont NY and St Agnes in Menands NY.