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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Best of Show

For the second year in a row one of Maura's paintings has been named Best of Show in the Wash Open Show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center!!!!  The competition was tough as you can see from the Gallery of Award Winners. 

Maura was surprised at the win, but those of us who are her "biggest fans" just say finally everyone is noticing her wonderful work.  She has added more pictures to her blog, check it out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Townland for the Dunns

I have been searching for  Irish ancestors for over thirty years and had all but given up on finding the townlands of Michael Murphy and John Dunn... more on Michael at a later date.  Today I have found the Dunns.

Family tradition, as outlined in Sarah Lonergan's Legacy, said the Dunn(e)s were from the town of Golden in county Tipperary...and as it turns out that was very close and perhaps correct.  What I found in the Irish Parish Registers, which are available on the website of the Irish National Library, are christening records for the seven children of John Dunn and Bridget Lonergan.  The downside is now the story Sarah Lonergan's Legacy must become Bridget Lonergan's Legacy. (1)

The christenings, which are contained in two registers for Killenaule Parish are as follows list the place of residence as Mocklershill(2) (various spellings are used in the records, this spelling is found on today's maps).

  • Patrick Dunn was christened 10  Apr 1822(3) sponsors John Dunne and Mary McDonough. Patrick is found in 1851 in Brantford, Brant, Ontario CAN.  He is a wagon maker.  He died in Brant County in 1883.  He married Mary - and they had 7 known children.

  • Mary Dunn christened 14 Feb 1824 (3) sponsors Edmund Boc and Ellen Dwyer.  Mary Ann married Robert Kelly. They were living in Perth, Ontario in 1861.  By 1870 they had emigrated to Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan.  Mary died there in 1906.  They had 8 known children.
  • Margaret Dunn christened 26 Jun 1826(3) sponsors Patrick Ryan and Margaret Londrigan (this was the only record where the mother's names was not Bridget Lonergan, it was listed as Bridget Londrigan) Margaret married John Cavanaugh.  They were living in Perth in 1861 and Independence Kansas in 1870. John died before 1900 and Margaret is found in 1900 in Kansas City, MO and in Los Angeles CA in 1910.  No death has been found to date.  Margaret and John had eleven children.
  • Cornelius Dunn christened 2 Nov 1828(3) sponsors John Lonergan and Joanna Ryan.  There is a possible census record in Buffalo, New York for Cornelius in 1870, but to date no proof it is the right person and no other records have been found.
  • Thomas Dunn christened 20 Apr 1831(3) sponsors William Dunn and Mary Bowes .  I have not found records for Thomas.  Thomas was remembered by his Grandniece Grace as being quite talented. He played seven different instruments.  The family considered him wayward because he wandered from place to place, never settling down for long in one spot.  He would pop in from time to time, always good natured and with a devil may care attitude.  It would be difficult to trace when or where Thomas died.
  • Bridget Dunn christened 3 Feb 1836(3) sponsors Pat and Mary Dunn. See more in a later blog.
  • Ellen Dunn christened 10 Dec 1840(3) sponsors Michael McGonich and Catherine Ryan.  Ellen was found in one census record with her sister Margaret Cavanaugh, otherwise no records have been found to date.
When she was in Grand Traverse hospital at the end of her years, Bridget, remembered leaving Ireland when she was eleven, but unless she was near a year old when she was christened it seems they must have left earlier.  Mary Ann was married in Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada on 25 Oct 1846.  So it would seem the family emigrated sometime between 1841 and 1846.  Bridget also suggested that they lived in Buffalo, NY for a time.  

I have been unable to find John Dunn in Canada or the US in 1850/51 or later.  I also have not found the children who were not married in 1850/51.  I have not seen a copy of Mary Ann's marriage in Brant in 1846 but I did find Patrick in Brant in 1851 which gives credence to the fact that they lived there.  Bridget said that John was a miller, so the next step might be to look for any miller in 1850/51 with the name of John, born in Ireland.  This will be quite a task.

Returning to Ireland, Golden lies within 20 Kilometers of Mocklershill.  I did not find the marriage of John and Bridget in the registers for Killenaula Parish, so perhaps they were married in Golden.  With the christening date  of the oldest child Patrick confirmed the search shouldn't have to cover too many years.

I did find John in the Tithe Applotment listing for Mocklershill which was taken in 1830.  His holdings included a little over 34 acres for which he paid £1-17-9. Also listed is Cornelius Dunn, most likely a brother as his holdings were smaller than Johns at 25 acres.

One other fact became apparent.  There was NO Simon Dunn in the list of children. The christenings found match the list of siblings that Bridget gave the nursing staff at Grand Traverse Hospital. Simon Dunn was connected to Al Smith, and family tradition said he was a brother of Mary Ann and Bridget.  Perhaps he was a cousin?  We do know that he was born in Dublin, not Tipperary so the burden of proof will definitely be upon us if we wish to claim the connection.

Knowing the names of sponsors might also help in finding more on the families.  The search is on.

  1. Sarah Lundriken was the name given on the death certificate of Mary Ann Dunn Kelly, the oldest child of John and Bridget.  Daughter Bridget's death record gives the correct name Bridget.
  2. A link will be provided to a future Mockershill post, in the meantime you can find a map of Mockershill here.
  3. Killenuale Parish Registers, Library of Ireland 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Family Gatherings - 2016

Klamath Falls, Oregon

It was Maura's turn to plan, and after a few great places were turned down by those who didn't want to travel so far, Sean helped locate a resort in Klamath Falls.  We were housed in five condos all on the same street...back porches all led to a common back lawn allowing kids to run back and forth from condo to condo.

The four year-olds thrived on the freedom to wander.

Lunch after Crater Lake

There was golf, including an 18 hole putting green, swimming, tennis and hiking trails on site.

Day adventures included Crater Lake, Klamath Falls

Tater Patch Quilts in Merrill,

wine tasting, the Lavender farm

Crater Lake

Lake in the Woods, and zip-lining.

The Adventurous Crew went Zip-lining 


 Nicholas turned 2......

Klamath Falls Photos

View From Condos

The Elders

The Gangs All Here......almost
Missing  Erich and Heidi who were there for a while
Missing Cavan,  Keltie and family, Mariah, Alex & Emily the no shows!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Missing generations 31 to 41

I've always been fascinated with the ancestry claims of the Irish.  Genealogies trace families back to Adam.  Well, as we know that is a bit suspicious, the Kelly DNA project grows, the ability to sort out lineages continues.  Our Madden lineage is linked by DNA to the Kelly line.  With the recently completed the Big Y test for Count Walter and the dedicated work of project head Aidan Kelly we are somewhat confident that the break in our lines was no more than 16 generations ago, some 22 generations after Eoghan Finn and Eoghan Buac established the lines that became the O'Kelly's and the O'Maddens. 

The count has a genealogy back 41 generations that is generally considered to be accurate.  So here is our current supposition of our Madden Family Lineage.
  1. Maine Mor was born in 350 
  2. Bresal was born in Ui Main
  3. Dallan was born in Ui Maine
  4. Lughaidh was born in Ui Maine
  5. Feradhach was born in Ui Maine Ireland
  6. Cairpri Crom was born in Ui Maine
  7. Cormac was born in Ui Maine
  8. Eoghan Finn (Northern Ui Maine) brother of Eoghan Buac (Southern Ui Maine - O'Maddens)
  9. Dicholla was born in Ui Maine
  10. Diuthach was born in Ui Maine 
  11. Fithchellach was born in Ui Maine 
  12. Innrachtach was born in Ui Maine
  13. Oiloill was born in Ui Maine 
  14. Finnachta was born in Ui Maine 
  15. Ceallach Chief of Ui Maine died about 874 in Ui Maine. He was progenitor of the family of O'Kelley.  
  16. Aedh Mic Ceallaigh
  17. Murchadh Ua Ceallaigh was born in Ui Maine. He died in 960. First in Ui Maine to use Ua Ceallaigh
  18. Tadhg Mor Ua Ceallaigh (Teige O'Kelly) was born in 955 in Ui Maine. He died Killed in the Battle of Clontarf, Good Friday in 1014.
  19. Conor Ua Ceallaigh was born in Ui Maine. He died in battle slain by the men of Tefia in 1030. 
  20. Conor Ua Ceallaigh
  21. Tadhg Ua Ceallaigh was born in Ui Maine. He died in 1074.
  22. Diarmaid Ua Ceallaigh was born in Ui Maine 
  23. Conchobar Moenmoy Ua Ceallaigh  was born in Ui Maine.  He was a Chief of Ui Maine for 40 years.  He died in the Battle of the Conors in 1180 in Co Galway.
  24. Tadhg Ua Ceallaigh of Tailtean (Co Meath) died in the Battle of the Conors in 1180 in Co Galway Ireland.
  25. Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh was born in 1172 in Co Galway.   In 1203 he was a Chief of Hy-Many.  Ancestor of all but four Chiefs who came after him.
  26. Conchobhar Mar "Connor Mor" Ó Ceallaigh  was born in 1201 in Ui Maine Ireland. In 1247 he was a Chief of Hy-many which I believe had been made smaller by the English invasion and the ending of the O'Kelley of Bregia in Meath and Hy-Many was now comprised of only Co Roscommon and Galway.1 He died in 1268. Connor Mor married a O'Heyne. 
  27. Donnchadh Muimhneach Ua Ceallaigh was born in 1240 in Hy-Many Ireland. In 1297 he was a Chief of Ui Maine.1 Donnchadh died in 1307 in Ahascragh Castle, Co. Galway, Ireland. 
  28. William Mac Donnough Moyneagh "Boy" Ó Ceallaigh of Callow Castle was born in 1297 in Co Galway. He died in 1381 in Gailey Castle, Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Boy was buried in 1381 at Kilconnell Abbey.
  29. Maeleachlainn Ó Ceallaigh was born  1326 in Gailey Castle, Co. Roscommon. In 1375 he was a Chief of Hy-Many. He died in 1401. 
  30. Donnchadh Ua Ceallaigh 1374 Gailey Castle, Roscommon - 1424 buried in Abbey of Rindun.  Chief of Hy Many and 24th O'Kelley in 1410. Slain by arrow from son of William. (7th grandson)  DNA connection to here.
  31. unk 1400 
  32. unk 1435
  33. unk 1470
  34. unk 1505
  35. unk 1540
  36. unk 1575
  37. unk 1610
  38. unk 1645
  39. unk 1680
  40. unk 1715 
  41. unk 1750
  42. James Madden abt 1785 m. Mary
  43. James Madden @1818 Limerick, Co. Clare - 1894 Albany, New York m. Anna Fitzsimmons
  44. Thomas Francis Madden 1854 NY - 1903 MI m. Elizabeth Silbereisen 
  45. Francis Martin Madden 1896 MI - 1966 CA m. Isabel Louise Haffey 
  46. James Howard Madden 1924 MI - 1998 WA m. Jean Ann English 
  47. My siblings and me
  48. Our children 
  49. Our grandchildren

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