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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Ships - The Lizzie Madden

The Chenango, was originally built with two decks in 1887 by J. Oades & Frontier Iron Works for Cameron and Whitney. 175' long, 34' wide and with a depth of 13' and built of wood, the Chenango had a gross tonnage of 938.

On 11 April 1890 bound from Detroit to Buffalo with a cargo of wheat a fire was discovered next to her boiler as she approached Long Point on Lake Erie.  Passing steamers Eber Ward and Majestic towed her to the entrance to Erie (PA).  There she sat for two months before she was finally towed to
Buffalo. Insured for $55,000, it was estimated that the cost of salvage and rebuild would come to $46,000.

James Davidson a shipbuilder from Bay City purchased her and eliminating the second deck readied her for the lumber trade.  She was outfitted with a steeple compound engine.  Thomas F. Madden and partners purchased her in 1891 and she was reregistered as the Lizzie Madden (US 126431 - J Davidson Hull #44).

23 Nov 1907 Bay City Tribune
From 1891 to 1907 the Lizzie Madden worked throughout the Great Lakes with a variety of Captains and her comings and goings were reported in various newspapers including the Tonawanda News and the Door County Advocate.
  • 13 May 1893 (DCA)...  the steambarge Lizzie Madden was on it's way to Menominee to load lumber.
  • 1894 - Captain William Tomlin (8 Mar 1894 Marine Record p3)
  • 16 Jun 1894 .(DCA).. the Lizzie Madden was again on its way north. 
  • 14 Jul  1894 (DCA) .. the Captain was having trouble with the crew over wages.  
  • 26 Jan 1895 ..(DCA). The Lizzie Madden wintered over in Buffalo.
  • 1895 winter mooring JB Ketham (10 Jan 1895 p8 Marine Record)
  • 1897- 22 Apr - John Cowan had secured the Lizzie Madden and Noquebay for hauling lumber from Menominee to Buffalo at $1.25 per 1000 feet, one of the lowest rates ever reported. ( 22 April 1897 Marine Record)
  • (DCA) Towards the end of the season she ran on Strawberry Island in the Niagara River.
  • 1898 Wintered in Buffalo
  • 1899-1900 Captain MJ Madden  Port Huron, MI   chief engineer, George H Charlton. 
  • 25 Mar 1899 ..(DCA).  the Lizzie Madden was in for repairs.  
  • 22 Jul 1899 ....(DCA)  she ran ashore on Sand Island.
  • 24 Nov 1900 (DCA)... she was badly scorched by fire. 
  • 28 Dec 1901 .(DCA).. she wintered at Milwaukee.
  • 1901-1902 Captain D. Elliott and Casey Cuthbert took over as chief engineer. 
  • 1903 JM Lynn is listed as manager (1903 Blue Book of American Shipping:   Statistics of Shipping and Ship Building in America. Lists of Ship Owners, Ship, Engine and Boiler Builders, Naval Architects, Vessel Masters, and members of various organizations made up from the Navy and Merchant Marine. Particulars of American and Canadian Steam and Sail vessels with names and addresses of owners. Cleveland OH: Marine Review Publishing Co. 1903  p176)
  • 1905 - William J. Lynn ( MJ Lynn (manager) also on board Helped in Salvage of the Siberia. Buffalo Evening News 27 Nov 1905)
  • 20 May 1905 ... she found the body of the captain of the steamer H.B. Hawgood.
  • 1905 Nov 16. - Complaint was made against steamer LIZZIE MADDEN for being navigated from Duluth to Tonawanda with a fireman acting as second engineer.  Matter investigated November 27 and license of Wm. J. Lynn, master, suspended for 15 days.  Case also referred to the U. S. District  attorney and collector of customs for the imposition of penalties incurred.  REPORT OF THE STEAMBOAT INSPECTION SERVICE CASUALTIES, VIOLATIONS OF LAW, AND INVESTIGATIONS YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31,  1905 NINTH SUPERVISING DISTRICT LOCAL DISTRICT OF CLEVELAND, OHIO pg 387
  • 1907 Captain Ralph Pringle.
On 22 Nov 1907 the Madden left Bay City for Little Current, Ontario where a cargo of lumber was waiting.  Just as she cleared the river a fire was discovered.  Spreading rapidly the crew soon gave up fighting it and took to the life boats.  The crew was picked up by the Langell Boys and taken to East Tawas.  The burning Lizzie Madden came to a rest on Little Charity Island in Saginaw Bay.  On December 12 the werck was purchased and her engine and boiler were retrieved by Bay City Wreckage and Salvage Company.

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