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Monday, August 7, 2017

John Dunn and family ... cont.

The records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal show the family of John Dunn arriving in Montreal on the Quebec steamer in 1846.  The family is comprised of one male adult, four female adults and 3 children. They are on their way to Toronto.  Is this our family?  I fits the time we expect them to arrive in Ontario but the family makeup is off.  Only Bridget and Ellen were known to be under 12 (children) and we only show two daughters over 12, Mary Ann and Margaret.  The absence of the older sons is less of a worry, they might well have traveled on their own, and in fact Cornelius and Thomas have not been found in Canada, and perhaps the extra female is a wife of one of the sons, and perhaps there might be a grandchild.  In other words the record could easily work..BUT we just don't know.

Having found the family in Ireland, I am eager to find them in Canada, but the search has been difficult.  I have not found John anywhere.  Family tradition is that Bridget died not long after the families arrival in Canada, which leaves the possibility that John remarried.  I have looked for John with Sarah (the name the family had given to the mother of the known children), and Bridget (the name on all of their christening records) and with no wife.  I guess the next step is to look for all John Dunns that might fit!!!

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