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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Family Gatherings - 1973

Maura & Williams Wedding

Over the years many of the Madden family gatherings have centered around weddings. When Maura and William were married in 1973, the family numbered twelve....the original eight, two son in laws and the just turned two twin cousins so elegantly dressed in clothes lovingly made by doting grandmas. 

Maura and William were married at the Cenacle, outside under the trees, only the second, and the last wedding on the grounds.  We Maddens were definitely privileged to have had that opportunity. 
The Cenacle - Carmichael CA

This the first of the weddings after the family spread to separate states.  Unfortunately some of us missed the next two weddings, that of Tim and Denise in 1975 and Colleen and Bill in 1976.  Small children, bad schedules, high travel costs and limited budgets made travel difficult, but we were there in Spirit!  

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