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Monday, July 25, 2016

Madden Family Photo Album - 1953

 As I wait for pictures to finish a post on our recent family gathering in Klamath Falls I started sorting through some of the old pictures in the Madden Family Albums.  Among my first finds were pictures of the family journey from China Lake to St. Paul in 1953.

Lake Yosemite
We were a family of five, camping in that little teardrop trailer.  I was the baby and as such slept in the trailer, I think in some sort of hammock hung over the bed.  Maura and Colleen being great grown up girls (4 and 6) slept in the back of the Buick.

Mt. Whitney
I of course do not remember this trip, but the pictures tell the tale of some of the places we visited, including Crater Lake ...

Crater Lake
Mt Rushmore

Grand Coulee Dam

The rest of the Madden Photo Album 1953  can be found here.

Check the Madden Photo Album for pictures from other years

Visit to South Bend
The Main Destination - Lake Owasso

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