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Sunday, November 9, 2014

James H. Madden - The War Years

My Dad was eager to join the war effort.  He had hoped to be able to fly, but his eyesight was not good enough.  So...he enlisted in the Navy and left Duluth as soon as he had finished his final class...before graduation.

He was immediately put in officer's training, going from Marquette in Milwaukee, WI to Notre Dame and then eventually ended up in Midshipman School at Fort Schuyler.

After finishing training he was assigned to "Codes" supervising a department of women.  Now, many of these women were probably "much" older than their 21 year old supervisor and if you knew my father you would know how much he hated "cattiness."  Well, war is war.  You serve where you are needed....  So here it is in his own words the second installment of Dad's Story with a few additions from his "future wife".  I've added links to some of the places where he trained.  

Dad's Story - The War Years
V12-Navy College Training Program
Special Collections- Marquette - Navy Training
How the Navy Saved Notre Dame after WWII

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