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Monday, June 10, 2013

Also reported in Tonawanda

In trying to sort out family, tidbits of information continue to get in the way.  These three are among the unsolved references found in the Buffalo/Tonawanda area.

22 Nov 1875 - Buffalo Courier -  "Matters in Brief: Nothing has been learned of the whereabouts of Captain Madden, of the schooner [Ithaca], who disappeared suddenly three weeks ago."  This reference is too early to refer to any of the Maritime Madden's that I've tracked to date.  

Marine Record 15 Feb 1900 p2

Another interesting reference was an advertisement for a Ship Chandler's store opened in 1900.  A partnership between retired Capt. Jas. Madden and Mr. Dunn who had an interest in harbor tugs.  What makes the item more interesting is that no James Madden is found living in Tonawanda, or for that matter in Buffalo and no James Madden's were found Captaining ships on the Great Lakes before 1900. 

Is this a mistake and was John a part of this partnership.  He is not found as a Captain of ships in the late 1890s but he seems young to be referred to as retired.  It is surely another man.  Both this man and the previous might have been Captains of vessels in waters other than the Great Lakes.

Is Jack Madden John?  Is he perhaps the Jas. listed above?  Is this yet another Madden connected to Tonawanda?  Perhaps a military Capt. rather than a mariner?  Are we talking Menominee County in Wisconsin or in Michigan?  Both have communities called Menominee, both have had papers named the Herald.  I'm sure that the location could be solved with a little more research, but the background of Jack Madden is of much more interest.  Does anyone claim him?

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