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Monday, October 9, 2017

Courtship, Wedding and Honeymoon

In telling the stories of Mom and Dad, one area never got fully covered.  The pictures were placed in a special folder in anticipation of further stories.  Somehow, we never got here are a few notes and some links to the pictures.

Jim and Jean met at a Eucharistic Congress in 1941. They hit it off right away because neither one was into the silliness that often accompanied meetings of teenagers.  

That first meeting was on the banks of the Mississippi.  Four years later, on 27 Oct 1945, they were engaged again on the banks of the Mississippi.  The engagement was announced on November 8.  At the time the Maddens had moved from Duluth to St. Paul and were living on Cretin Street. There were a number of luncheons and a shower was hosted by Jim's Aunt Helen.

The Bridal Dinner was held at the Minneapolis Auto Club.  The reception after the wedding which was officiated by Rev. Joseph A Corrigan at St. Mark's Church was held at the Dehn's house.

Jim and Jean honeymooned at Phil DeGraph's Lodges at Trout Lake MI.The owner of the lodge was Phil DeGraph. None of the guests at the lodge knew, or at least they never let on if they guessed, that Mom and Dad were on their honeymoon.  While there the guests made a model of the lodge for Phil, whom both Dad and Mom remember fondly.

After the wedding they returned to Notre Dame, where Jim was pursuing his Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. There first residence was 2340 Dixie Way but that story has been told! 

Pictures of the Wedding and Honeymoon
Wedding Documents


Monday, September 18, 2017

Madden Reunion 1992

In June 1992 the descendants of Francis Martin Madden & Isabel Louis Haffey gathered in Redwood City, California.  Well, most of us.  Efforts to contact the family of son Thomas were unfruitful, as always.  It remains my great hope that one day I will meet one or more of his sons (Jeff, Mike & Stu).

Anyway, I think nearly everyone else made it including newly adopted Mariah...just a few days old and the size of her new Daddy's hand.  Joining us also was second cousin, Mike Madden and his wife, who were living in California at the time.  Missing was Pat who was unable to make it from Pittsburg, PA where he was clerking for the appellate court.  He might have made it BUT he needed a vacation for a much more important gathering later in the summer!

Reunion planning is not among my great skills, but we had a great time in Edgewood Park none the less.

Although, I got together with some Marquelings and Thorntons after this gathering, I believe it is the last time most of the family saw these cousins.

Madden Reunion 1992

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mary ( ) Madden - Ellice, Perth, Ontario

This is one more as yet unrelated Madden family.  It is given here in the hope that a connection might yet be found.  Among the mysteries of the Madden family is the entry in the 1880 census for Thomas Madden, stating he is from Canada.  We know that is not true, however, we do not know where he was in the few years before that census.  Might he have been with relatives in Canada.  Why did he go to Bay City?  It seems important to explore Madden connections in an effort to find more on the family of his father James.  

This family was in Canada and also involved in shipping on the Great Lakes.

Mary bn 1795 Ireland  - Although it is not stated that Mary is John’s mother, she was living with the family in Canada in 1861.  The relationship of Jeremiah is also unknown at this point.  He is in the same area as Mary and John, so it seems likely that they are related if not brothers.  We know that James is the son of Mary.  She is living with him in 1871 and the relationship is stated.  There is a James Madden living in Ellice, Perth, Ontario in 1848[1]  In 1850 There is also a Jeremiah.[2]  I believe these are the sons and not a possible father.  James is already 30 in 1848 and Jeremiah would be 26 and has three children by 1850.
  1. James Madden bn abt 1818 Ireland  m. 1847 Elleanor bn abt 1818 Ireland – Living with James and Elleanor in 1861 is John McDermott age 18.  He is listed as family so perhaps a son of Elleanor by a previous marriage or a nephew?[3]  In 1871 his mother Mary and wife Ellen are in the household.
  2. Jeremiah Madden bn abt 1824 Ireland d. before 1870 m. 1842 Mary Dunn (15 Aug 1824 Ireland- 9 Feb 1890 MI)[4].  Except for Agnes all the children were born in Canada.  Since Agnes was born by 1866 we know that the family had moved to Port Huron by that date. [5]
    1. Catherine 23 Dec 1845  (not with family in 1870) – 30 Aug 1907 Perth, Ont
    2. Joanna abt 1846
    3. Margaret (18 Jan 1849 Canada – 17 Mar 1926 MI)[6] m. Leonard White (LeBlanc)  (Aug 1833 Can -1911 MI)[7] a sailor before 1870.  In 1900 Leonard is listed as a Captain on the Lakes and his brother William LeBlanc a boat builder is living with the family.[8]
      1. Joseph Leon (12 Mar 1869 – 24 Jun 1943 ) Joseph may not be Margaret’s child. He is not living with them in 1870.
      2. William (15 Nov 1873 MI – 20 Oct 1939)
      3. Jeremiah (1875-  ) Is not living with family in 1900
      4. Eugenia M (f) (Sep 1879 MI - )
      5. Emily Victoria (Aug 1881 MI - )
      6. John  Michael (Aug 1885 MI -  )
    4. Jeremiah (9 Jan 1851 Canada-15 Feb 1900 MI)[9] Jerry was working in a saw mill in 1870.  He married Rosa Hobin on 26 Apr 1880 in Port Huron.[10]  Jerry’s occupation was Railroad engineer at the time of his death.
      1. Cecile (12 Oct 1887 MI – 5 Feb 1963 CA )[11] m. William Bowen 25 Jun 1912 in Port Huron.[12]
        1.  Elizabeth Patricia (1912-  )
        2.  Mary Jane (1920-  )
    5. Michael James abt 1852   Ship Captain in Port Huron see blog for more information.
    6. John J  (22 Jun 1855 Canada-8 Mar 1933 MI)[13]  John married Lizzie Campbell on 27 Jun 1888 in Adams Corners, MI.  They had two children ........ John married Julia Ball on 17 Jun 1903 in Chicago[16].  In 1910 Margaret is living with her father and there are two children with Julia.[17]  In 1930 John is living with his daughter Margaret, John C is also in the household. 
      1.  Margaret Ann (18 Feb 1890 -  )  Margaret married Fead and was living in Port Huron in 1930.[14]
        1.  Mary (1918 – 
        2.  John (1924 – 
        3. Margaret (1927 – 
      2. Mary Agnes (18 Feb 1890-22 Dec 1909).[15] 
      3. Esther P (1906 MI – 3 Feb 1995 MI) Esther married Elmer Dietrich (1915-1995) 
      4. Helen June (1907-1911MI)[18] 
      5. John C. (11 Dec 1911 MI - 20 May 1981 MI )[19]  John is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Port Huron.  John married Leona Jones (1911-1993) 
    7.  Mary Ann (27 Oct 1857 Canada – 9 Apr 1929 MI)[20] 
    8. Eunice abt 1859
    9. Margret E  abt 1861 
    10. Agnes abt 1865 Michigan
  3. John Madden - bn Mar 1826 Ireland   d 15 Jan 1914 Celedonia MN  [21]  According to his obituary, John was born in County Cork and emigrated to Canada about 1840 with his parents.   About 1847 he married Louisa deVilliers (1825 Quebec – May 1897 WI)[22]  They lived in Ellice until at least 1861 and probably until 1865/7.[23]  This is in disagreement with the obituary which says he lived in Kingston County, but the family found in Ellice, Perth County in 1861 is definitely his.  Louisa his second to last child was born in Canada in 1863 while Eugene the youngest was born in Wisconsin.   John had a farm in Claybanks, Door, Wisconsin[24], were he was active in the activities of the town,  serving as a town supervisor for at least  two years.[25]  In 1910 John is living with his son Eugene who is a Catholic Priest.  Louise is working as his housekeeper.  John is listed as a lumberman living on his own income.[26] John and Louise had eight children: 
    1. Ellenor was born abt 1847 in Canada.  When the family moved to Wisconsin she went to live in the …. Family as a servant…..[27]  Ellen married CP Frye….. 
    2. James (May 1850 Can - 1939 WI) m Ellen Donlan (1858 Masewaipee. Door, WI - ) James and Ellen (Ella) stayed on the family farm where they raised eleven children.[28] James was active in the politics of the county serving as Supervisor of Assessments in 1910.[29] 
      1. John 1876
      2. Louisa 1879
      3. Francis 7 May 1881 Weekly Expositor v8i31 5/10/81  
      4. Jerry T 1884
      5. George A 25 Jan 1887 The Independent v14 issue 20 2/11/87
      6. Nora L 2 Apr 1890
      7. Daughter 6 Jun 1892
      8. Bernard E 17 Jun 1893.  Bernard was appointed Superintendent of Education         for Door County Schools in June 1914.[30]
      9. Mary 5 Jun 1895
      10. Ellen Mary 1898  m. Forest Wodsedalek  3 Aug 1917[31]
      11. William 10 Jul 1900 
    3. Mary abt 1851 not home in 1880  m Geo Nelson???
    4. Jeremiah (Jerry) Madden 30 Aug 1854 emigrated 1867 naturalized m 22 Jun 1885.  Jerry was living in Menominee, Michigan at least through 1921 when he is listed as president of Commercial Bank[32],  and most likely was still a resident until close to the time of his death on 29 Jul 1923 Chicago, IL .[33] He is buried 2 Aug 1923 Riverside Cemetery Menominee Menominee County Michigan, USA Plot: Section E-2, Lot Number 6 Grave Unk Find A Grave Memorial# 86061346  Jeremiah had moved to Menominee, Michigan before 1900.[34] m Margaret L. McDermott bn abt 1866 died 16 Jun 1923 bur 20 Jun 1923 Find A Grave Memorial# 86061365
      1. Eugena  b. 1886 d. 2 Apr 1908 b. 2 Apr 1908 Plot: Section E-2, Lot Number 6 Grave Unk (note buried day died)             Find A Grave Memorial# 8606134
      2. Arthur P 1891 In 1920 Arthur is living at home.
      3.  Margaret H 1895 In 1920 Margaret, a teacher is living at home
      4. Joseph bn 1899 d 26 Nov 1945 In 1920 Joseph is a salesman with Wilson-Henes Co. and is living at home.
      5. Louise bn 1901 In 1920 Louise a teacher is living at home.
    5. John bn 1855  Physician  to Mankota MN
    6. Honora (Norah) M  (1857 Can – 1986)[35]  Nora married  William F Shea  (Apr 1855 - 1928)[36] on 6 April 1880 in Door Co.[37]  Nora and William moved to Ashland, Wisconsin where William had a law practice.[38]  Nora and William are buried in St. Agnes Cemetery in Ashland, Wisconsin.   
      1. William Apr 1881
      2. Eugenie Dec 1882-31 Jan 1922 Antigo, Langlade, WI)[39]. Eugenia married Michael Andrew Flatley (1876-1950) on 9 Oct 1906 in Ashland.[40]   The family continued to live in Antigo after Eugenie’s death.[41]
        1. Maria (1 Apr 1908 Wi – 1 Jan 1991 CA)[42]  Maria married Murphy after 1953.  She is on the passenger list for a cruise that year with the name Flatley. Marie is buried in St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Roseburg, OR.[43]
        2. William  John (20 Nov 1910 – 6 Jul 1989 Springfield, IL)[44]  William, a lawyer, was living in Appleton, WI in 1940.[45]
        3. Robert  (26 Oct 1913 Antigo, WI - 20 Jun 2003 Rock Island, IL).  Robert married Eleanor.  Dr. Robert E. Flatley, 89, of Rock Island died Friday, June 20, 2003, at his residence. Survivors: wife, Eleanor; four daughters, Marie (husband, Dr. Len) Deftos of Del Mar, Calif., and Rosemary Lenaghan, Jane (husband, Paul) Adam) and Joan Flatley, all of Springfield; a son, James Flatley of Seminole, Fla.; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Services: 9:30 a.m. Monday, DeRoo-Funeral Home, Moline. Additional services: 10 a.m. Monday, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Moline. Burial: National Cemetery, Rock Island. [46] 
      3. Louise Aug (1886-1979)[47]  Louise married Eugene R Stone (1883-1967) about 1916.  They were living in Washington DC for many years, where Eugene was a dentist.[48] 
      4. Catherine Mary (Aug 1889-1972)[49]  
      5. Edmund B Mar 1892
      6. Edith Mar 1896
      7. Isabell F (Jan 1900-1919)[50]
    7. Louisa bn (30 Jun 1863 CAN -  9 Apr 1921 WI)[51]  Among the attendees at Louisa’s funeral was James Fitzsimmons of Milwaukee.
    8. Josph Eugene (1867 WI- 3 Aug 1946)[52] Eugene was a Catholic Priest.  In 1910 Eugene was in Fairmont, MN, his father and sister Louisa were living with him. He was in Lewiston in 1920, Louisa still with him, and in 1930 back in Fairmont.  In 1940, now a Msgr he was back in Winona County in St. Charles.  Living in the household was Eugene Schommer age 13 born in Oregon.[53]

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Monday, September 4, 2017

John Keenan Family

When John Keenan died in Aug 1863 the parish priest wrote the following in the St. James Colgan parish register......"Burial 28 August, 1866 of old John Keenan aged one of the oldest settlers in Adjala, died after a long illness, strengthened with the consolation of his holy faith.  Aged ninety-three full of age and merits before God and man."  John had out lived his wife by over 35 years and at least two of this ten children.

Nearly forty years earlier John and his family joined the swelling ranks of North Ireland Catholics and Presbyterians that were escaping increasing religious persecution into a new country.

Upon their arrival in Upper Canada John was granted land, but his own illness and that of his family prevented them from moving to the land and working it.  They were forced to ask the York Benevolent Society for support.

So after a period of time in York, twenty-five years before that city was incorporated as Toronto, they settled in the area near Adjala in Simcoe County, where other Keenans had settled.  John nearly lost his homestead as he and his eldest son were too ill to clear it. Read more in Keenans to Adjala.

Life in the frontier was not easy and in 1829 Elenor (possibly Montague) died. John, health improved,  established his farm on Concession 3 Lot 16 in Adjala and raised his children.

Andrew Hunter's, A History of Simcoe County gives a glimpse of the neighborhood which includes many of John's relatives "...As in the other parts of this county, settlement in what people formerly called the wilds of Adjala began at the south end of the township.  The first to arrive in the south east came by way of Albion and King Townships in the twenties......In the southwest, in the vicinity of Mono Mills, a few settlers arrived about the year 1820 and within the next few years the following took up lots in the adjacent parts of Adjala.......James McKenna. con 3 lot 7......The last named person on the above list, James McKenna, died May 12th 1885, aged 89 years.  As early as 1828, some settlers had begun to take up lots in the good lands just north of Baily's Creek.  Among these were the families of Connors, Kelly and Keenan.  It was from the last family that the village of Keenansville had its name.  Robert Keenan was District Councillor (1846-9) and reeve of Adjala, (1857), for twelve years altogether.  He died January 10th, aged 83 years. Michael Haffey settled upon the west half lot 14, con. 5, at this early period.  On the opposite lot in con. 6 where John Haffey lived at a later time, Henry J Pect of Stanley NY, found in 1887 parts of the skeleton of a mammoth.  This is the only instance known of mammoth bones having been found in Simcoe County.  On of the molars is in Elmira Collete, NY. The other bones are in tech Geological Museum of Lafayette College, Eason, PA.....On the lot south of Haffey, George Kidd Settled during this first arrival of settlers, and here arose the village of Athlone......."

Nine of John's ten children have been identified.  All  married and their descendants are spread throughout Canada and the United States.  The Kelly Genealogy written in 1950 mentions over 500 with thirteen priests and eighteen religious sisters.  Unfortunately they did not name those that they had found.

This list includes just John's children and grandchildren.  For later generations and stories about the family read The Descendants of John Keenan and Eleanor
  1. Ann Kennan (1800 IRE - 1860 ONT) m. James McKenna (1796-1885)
    • Mary (1826 ONT- 1907 ONT) m James Hanrahan at least 7 children
    • John (1830 ONT - 1913 ONT) m Catherine Doyle at least 9 children
    • Ellen (1831 ONT - aft 1908) m Henry Cosgrove at least 11 children
    • James (1833 ONT- bef 1854 ONT) 
    • Margaret (1835 ONT- ) m James Burke at least 10 children
    • Sarah (1836 ONT -1921 ONT) m Bartholomew Keogh children unknown
    • Robert (1838 ONT-1913 ONT) m Bridget Doyle at least 6 children
    • Ann "Janie" (1842 ONT-1899 ONT) m Hugh Duggan at least 7 children
  2. James Keenan (1802 IRE - 1842 ONT) m Margaret Hammell
    • Eleanor (1840 ONT - 1867 ONT) m.  Thomas Kidd 5 children
    • Margaret (1842 ONT - 1903 ONT) m. Thomas Kidd 5 children
  3. Anne Rose Keenan (1805 IRE - unk) m Thomas McCausland (bef 1815-1835)
    • Mary Elizabeth (1834 - )
    • Ellen (bef 1835 - )
    • Susan (1835 ONT - 1873 ONT) m Seth Ashton
  4. Sarah Keenan (1806 IRE - 1871 ONT) m. Francis McLaughlin (1802-1864)
    • Ellen (1834 ONT- ) m. Patrick Burke Tracy at least 1 child
    • Francis (1836 ONT - 1877 ONT) m Eleanor Mulloy at least 7 children
    • John (1837 ONT - 1874)  m Mary Brazille at least 2 children
    • James (1838 ONT - )
    • Michael (1842 ONT -) 
    • Sarah (1844 ONT - )
    • Robert (1847 ONT -)
    • Peter (1850 ONT - )
  5. Mary Keenan (1812 IRE - 1899 ONT) m. Michael McLaughlin (1810-1893)
    • John (1832 ONT - )
    • Annie (1834 ONT -1882 ONT ) m John Kelly at least 9 children
    • Margaret (1836 ONT- bef 1845 ONT) 
    • Eleanor (1837 ONT - 1925 ONT) m George Morrow at least 13 children
    • Mary (1839 ONT -  1867 ONT)
    • Alice (1842 ONT - bef 1857 ONT)
    • Margaret (1845 ONT - 1923 ONT )
    • Michael (1847 ONT - 1935 ONT) m Mary Beatty at least one child
    • Sarah (1851 ONT - ) m Charles Foster
    • James Francis (1852 ONT - 1909 ONT) m Isabella Small / Catherine Small
    • Thomas (1854 ONT- 1937 ONT) m Mary O'Brien at least three children
    • Alice (1857 ONT - 1933) m George Constantineau at least one child
  6. John Keenan (1820 IRE - 1886 ONT) n Jane Harkins (1826-1879)
    • Catherine (1855 ONT - 1923 ONT)
    • Daniel (1856 ONT - 1904 ONT)
    • James Joseph (1858 ONT - 1930 ONT) m. Catherine Reilly at least 4 children
    • Ann Jane (1860 ONT - 1897 ONT) m Denis Prior at least 2 children
    • John Francis (1861 ONT - bef 1871 ONT) 
    • Margaret (1863 ONT - ) m Patrick James Mulvogue at least 2 children
  7. Margaret Keenan (1819 IRE - 1896 ONT) m. John James Haffey (see Haffey)
  8. Robert Keenan (1821 IRE - 1904 ONT) m. Mary Brady (1831-1916)
    • James (1854 ONT - 1944 ONT) m. Mary Moran at least 6 children
    • Margaret (1856 ONT - 1917 ONT) m John Joseph Skelly at least 9 children
    • Catherine (1856 ONT -  ) m James Holland at least 5 children
    • Mary (1860 ONT - 1927) m. Daniel C O'Leary at least one child
    • Ellen (1862 ONT- ) m Richard Hanley at least 8 children
    • Robert Joseph (1867 ONT - 1947) m Mary Margaret McFarlane at least 5 children
  9. Ellen Keenan (1825 IRE - 1897 ONT) m. Peter McCabe
    • Thomas (1846 ONT-1897 ONT) m Sarah Doyle at least 8 children
    • James (1847 ONT - 1922 ONT) m Ann Hanley children unknown
    • Peter (1848 ONT - 1926 ONT) 
    • Ellen (abt 1850 ONT - 1886 ONT) m Thomaas Quinlan McGoey at least 8 children 
    • Sarah Ann (1853 ONT - 1887 ONT) m Bernard Doyle at least 5 children
    • Margaret (1855 ONT - )
    • John (1855 ONT - )
    • Teresa (1861 ONT - ) m Daniel Harrigan at least 5 children
    • John Paul (1862 ONT - 1924 ONT)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Ashland Bike Ride 1986

One of the early family gatherings occurred in 1986.  William had convinced the Greg to do another bike ride, and Sean and Andi tagged along.  The ride was in Ashland, the rest of the family decided to tag along as well.  Not everyone made it, no Tim, no Pat.  But it was a pretty good turn out for those in those years of growing children and new jobs.

 Somehow, Mom & Dad don't appear in the pictures I have, but they were there.  All five cousins made it,  and they had a grand time playing..

 I did mention Andi tagged along on the bike ride, what I didn't mention is that she completed all 50 miles of that ride. At the end, her encouraging Uncles and her Dad urged her to the finish line.  And there she TWELVE .. the youngest individual to EVER complete the ride... quite an achievement!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Joseph Phillip Haffey

Joseph Phillip the son of John James Haffey and Margaret Keenan was born 24 August 1847, maybe.  Joseph, son of John and Margaret,  was  baptized on 3 Oct 1847.  For a long time, other researchers tried to convince me that this was an earlier Joseph who died and our Joseph was born during the period where no registers for St. James Colgan parish exist.  They would use the date on his death certificate,  24 Aug 1853,  which is also the date given in the Bay County History, as proof.

However, in those early years finding the census records for Ontario was difficult.  We now have a census record for the Haffey family in 1861 which states that Joseph is 13 years old.  The 1871 census gives his age as 22.   So lacking any evidence to the contrary including the 1851 census I contend that the Joseph christened in 1847 is ours!

In a family of farmers, it seems Joseph was not meant to stay on the farm.  In 1871 he is listed with his family in the census, the entry giving the information that he is a clerical student at college. Joseph spent six years studying at St. Michael's College (now part of the University of Toronto) and then stayed on for one year as a teacher.  Following that he taught in the public schools for two years. When Joseph passed away, the family wrote to St. Michael's at the behest of the University of Michigan in a quest to get a list of the degrees he had earned there.  They received a letter stating that no one had ever received as many awards.  Marie, his daughter, remembers that they were listed in the letter, however, the letter did not survive the ensuing generations.

In 1879, Joseph left Canada to attend the School of Law at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In 1882, newly graduated, he applied for citizenship and went to work for Lindner and Porter in Bay City.  Two years later he was admitted to the bar.  Eventually he became a partner and when Lindner retired the firm was known as Porter & Haffey

Joseph was known for his honesty and integrity,  he gave of himself and did not let the pursuit of power or money take over his practice of the law. While this earned him the respect of his colleagues, it did not always cushion him from the realities of the practice of law.  He was quick to tell his sons not to follow him into the practice.


In 1888 Joseph married Mary Ann Murphy in Port Huron, Michigan. The record of the marriage is found in the Bay County Marriage Register. They had met while he was in school in Ann Arbor.  

It was, perhaps, not the happiest of marriages.  It seems, according to the memoirs of daughter Grace,  that Mary was not content with his decision to not pursue riches. Perhaps the childhood of hearing stories of the mill that should have been in the family, or the poverty she had supposedly endured as a child caused her to always want more.  Bridget Lonergan's Legacy of discontent did not lead to a happy life and it seems that there was a sad aura over the family.

Joseph was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  The 1894 Bay City Directory lists him as the Vice President of the Bay City chapter.

In 1905 Joseph joined his siblings in quit claiming his share of the family farm to their brother John.  
All of the children of John and Margaret are mentioned in this quit claim.

On 8 Nov 1917 the Bay City Times Tribune reported.....

Joseph P Haffey is Called to Reward
Well known lawyer and citizen succumbs to long illness
Had Practiced law here for past Thirty-Three Years

Joseph P. Haffey died early this (Thursday) morning, at his residence, Tenth street, following a long illness.  Death came peacefully and quietly, as it was not known that the end had come until members of the family went to his room and found that he had expired.  Mr. Haffey's illness started about three years ago, but he apparently was on the road to recovery after spending a winter in the south.  Within the past few months, however, his ailment became incipient and he gradually declined.

Bay City Times Tribune
10 Nov 1917
Joseph P. Haffey was one of the best known citizens of Bay county and one of the leading attorneys of this section of the state.  He had practiced law here since 1884 after graduating from the University of Michigan.  He had previously read law in the office of Lindner & Porter and later became a member of the firm, its name then being Lindner, Porter & Haffey.  Some time afterwards the firm became Porter & Haffey , which continued up to this time.  Mr. Haffey was born near Toronto, Ont. August 24, 1853, and was a graduate of St. Michael's college, Toronto.  He taught school in that city for about two years and then came to Michigan.  He was married in Port Huron to Miss Mary Murphy, of Stratford, Ont., and five children blessed the union.  They with their mother survive and are as follows: Joseph who is teller in the Bay County bank; Misses Marie and Grace, teachers in the city schools; Thomas J.., an ensign in the U.S. navy and now in charge of a gun crew, somewhere in the Atlantic, and Miss Isabel, who is a student at Ypsilanti.  He also leaves several brothers and sisters.  Mr. Haffey was a man who impressed his fellows with his stern and uncompromising honesty, by his thoroughness and industry and by his courage of his convictions.  He was a good neighbor and friend and a conscientious husband and father.  He was a credit to his profession and to the community.  In politics Mr. Haffey was a democrat and fraternally he was a member of the A.O.H. and of the Knights of Columbus.  Funeral arrangements have not been completed. 
A few days later the paper reported on the funeral and the resolution passed by the County Bar Association.
Uncle Tom with his Madden
grand-nephews at Lake Tahoe

Joseph Haffey and Mary Murphy had five children

  1. Joseph (1890-1970) lived in the family home his entire life.  A banker, he never married.
  2. Marie (Ree) (1891-1971) was a teacher.  She also remained in the family home and never married.
  3. Grace (1893 - 1986) also started out as a teacher.  She married John O'Connell in 1921.  They were living in San Diego, CA by 1940.  Grace and John had five sons.
  4.  Thomas (1895 - 1978) graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1915.  He spent his entire career with the Navy.  After retirement he returned home, although he spent quite a bit of time visiting various relatives.  
  5. Isabel m. Frances Martin Madden

Monday, August 14, 2017

James Madden and Mary

The death certificate of James Madden, the immigrant to Albany, NY gives his parents as James and Mary.  It is possible this is a mistake but until evidence is found to contradict the information those names will be used.  In fact they make sense as the name James is the most common in the known descendants of our known James. 

The only known child of James and Mary at this point is 

1. James Madden abt 1818 Ire - 1894 NY.  James married Anna Fitzsimmons, most likely in Limerick before 1850/1846.  The following is a list of the descendants of James and Anna, assuming Willie fits at the beginning. Only those who have passed away or were born over 100 years ago are listed by name. 
  1. Willie abt 1846 Ireland -  bef 1855 
  2. Marie  1852 NY - 1855 NY
  3. Thomas Francis  1854 NY -  1903 MI m. Elizabeth Silbereisen
    1. Thomas James 1892 MI - 1963 MN m. Sarah Helen Hood
    2. Francis Martin 1896 MI - 1966 CA m. Isabel Louise Haffey  (part 2) (part 3)
      1. Thomas Francis Joseph 1922 MI - 1992 AZ m. Gloria Bear
      2. Colleen 1952
        1. Three children
      3. James Howard 1924 MI - 1998 WA m. Jean Ann English (part 2) (part 3) (part4) (part 5) 
        1. Colleen Marie Madden 1949 IN -1973 WA m. Schneider m2. Bill Roberts 
          1. one child living 
        2. Five others still living
      4. Jane Marie 1926 MI - 2005 CA m. Charles Marqueling
        1. Five Children still living
      5. Mary Patricia 1930 MI - 1996 CA m. Michael Thornton
        1. Two Children still living
      6. John Joseph 1930 MI - 1930 MI 
    3. Carl Louis Madden 1899 MI - 1964 MN m. Helen Catherine Borgman
      1. Charles Louis 1925 MI - 2011 MN m. Nancy Abigail Potvin
      2. four others still living
  4. Margaret 1855 NY - bet 1860 & 1869 NY, 
  5. Ellen 1858 NY - 1945 MN
  6. John 1859 NY - 1905 NY m Dora Strong  (no children)
  7. Sarah 1861 NY - prob. before 1932   m Winfield Scott Morris (no children)
  8. James Howard 1865 NY - 1923 IL m. Lillian McGillan
    1. Virginia Ketinge 1906 WI - 1911 MN
    2. Judith Elnore 1912 WI - 1912 MN
    3. Betty A 1915 MN -